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Amazing exprience So much knowledge and very nice counselling done by Mr. Nair One of the best astrologers in delhi and so down to earth and so humble I am blessed to be one his customers Thank you sir wish all the blessings and happiness

Shubham Sharma

I have been dealing with Mr. Ravindran Nair since 8-9 months only, but, as long dealt, I found him as educated and extremely professional in his arena. I liked his approach being purely practical. He considers astrology as guidance for life rather than unnecessary poojas, homams, kriyas etc which has polluted this profession and placed it as the most superstitious & irrational subject in the world.

Sandeep kumar

He is an astrologer settled in Delhi. His approach is purely modern. He never suggest unnecessary poojas like other Astrologers since he is a firm believer of Bhagavat Geetha and Karma theory. His modern outlook and ability to understand the real issue is an added advantage to solve the problem through Astrological and Psychological counseling.He is practicing Astrology since 1996 in Delhi(13 Years). But fixing the time in advance can save your waiting time.

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