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Horoscope/Birth chart analysis to detect any dosh (negative energy) and provide remedial solution for the same. Finding your lucky number, dates, time, etc., using Astro-Numerology and Dasas. He gives an insight into all facets of life and all situations, from personal relationship, marital life, children, individual, professional growth, financial growth, prosperity & properties, health & longevity of life, achievements, etc. through counselling. Giving idea of good "yogas" (combinations) in your horoscope.

Charge - Rs.701/- per horoscope


Being a Vaastu expert, he provides guidance and appropriate suggestions on Residential buildings, placement of furniture(interior), placements of various category of employees and their departments for any organisations, advice for factory constructions, hotels, shops and any other commercial establishments before acquiring and constructing the same depending upon the surrounding area, directions with respect to the elements of nature in such a manner so as to develop the most appropriate designs for any establishment for a flourishing and successful life of any venture.

Charge - Rs.4000/- + transport per visit


He shall help in determining the appropriate gemstones for a person according to the horoscopes and Dasha and Antar dasha as well as lucky stones including recommendations as to the right metal, weight and suitable days and the appropriate chants for the same. He shall also explain in detail the need and use of these gemstones in a practical manner.

Charge - Rs.701/- per horoscope

Marriage Matching

He ascertains suitability of the partners using Horoscope matching and (Gunn Milan Malepak), manglik dosh, exceptions to manglik dosh, remedies to manglik dosh etc. He also provides marriagecounselling before marriage and details on matters like marriage prosperity, spouse health, love relationships, child birth, etc. Fixing Muhurat (auspicious time) according to the Horoscopes and the available auspicious days as per Panchang (Almanac).

Charge - Rs.501/- per matching